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Scientific Illustration Workshop 2021
The Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar

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Khula Aasmaan Artists 2019

Scientific Illustration workshop for the winners of Khula Aaasmaan painting competition

Science outreach efforts taken by the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, is inspiring.

In the early winter, We conducted a scientific illustration workshop for the winners of the painting competition; Khula Aaasmaan. 👨‍🎨🎨🖌️


Firstly, the participants got introduced to the basics of cell biology. Then Shraddha from the science activity centre, IISER Pune also introduced how they can extract DNA from banana using the tools available at their home. Next, they got to know how they can make illustrations of cell biology using CellPaint. At the end of the session, each participant made their first scientific illustration of an HIV virus getting into a host cell. 🦠🧫


Many hands went up when we asked who wants to draw science and become a scientific illustrator. It was exciting for us too to interact with a room full of super talented kids. 💙


Many Thanks to Dr. Neeraja Dashaputre, Cipla, IISER Pune and Science Activity Centre for making this workshop possible.


Photos by Imayavan Pattabhiraman

WoW Science 2019

Workshop on writing science by vigyan prasar

Got an opportunity to talk about How to use Design Principles in Science Communication. 🎨🧬👩‍🎨 The 13-day long workshop happened at IISER Pune was aimed to train science communicators from the country to become the next generation science writers. At the end of the program, participants published a science communication magazine, Scintillate. Which is a big achievement in this short duration.
Congratulations to all participants and trainers. 💐 Thanks to Vigyan Prasar for sponsoring the training program and Science Media Centre, IISER Pune for hosting it. 🙌 The 2-hour session was something I experienced closest to time travel. When you do something you love so much, you don't feel time. That is fascinating. 😃😊 Looking forward to more training sessions in 2020. 🥳
Thanks to Vivek Kannadi for guiding me and giving me the confidence 😁😊 Thanks to Kranti Karande for making all behind the scenes of workshop happen. Thanks to Kaushik Chakrapani for beautiful photos. <3 (more info about the workshop:

Singularity 2019

Science fest of IISER Bhopal

Conducted a one day workshop on Scientific Illustration at IISER Bhopal as part of their annual science fest Singularity. Thank you so much to the team singularity for making this event happen.😊💐 It was a wonderful experience. This event helped me learn how to plan and prepare to conduct a workshop. However, I realized the areas I should improve. Time management is very important in organizing a workshop. I absolutely loved teaching and looking forward to the next workshop. 😊


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